Led High Bay Lighting
Unicornlite is a professional wholesale led high bay lighting manufacturer with 10 years of experience. Unicornlite durable led highbay light has a long service life, a five-year warranty, and energy saving. They are not only widely applied for commercial lighting warehouses but also for high bay shop lights, indoor basketball gym hi bay lights, parking areas led high bays lighting, production halls high bay led fixtures, led high bay shed lights, refrigeration rooms, supermarkets shopping lights, food industrial lighting, library, exhibition centre, library & museum led high bay luminaires, etc.
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- support OEM, ODM custom
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Mildbeam Introduction
Anti-glaring UGR<19 160LM/W IK10
Anti-glaring led high bay light fixtures are required more and more for applications where people don't feel comfortable with the glaring light fixture, especially when the led high bay fixtures were not very high. MILDBEAM is the ideal solution for visual protection. This increases the performance of staff and the quality of their work.


* Europe Patent 160LM/W
Mildbeam led high bay lights to get Europe patent, CB, TUV, ETL, FCC, CE, and RoHS.
* Advanced UGR technology
The Optics was specially developed to minimize glare and maximize homogeneity. With an anti-flaring film on the lens and a shield in front, we managed to achieve UGR<19 for Mildbeam commercial industrial high bay led lighting fixtures.
* Simple installation
With a ceiling installation accessory equipped with mains lead, the two suspension points at the ceiling could be combined into a One-Point installation. This saves time and cost for the installation of Mildbeam commercial led and industrial high bay led lights. And even vibrations and air movements are no longer able to twist it.
* Functions: Zigbee | PWM | DALI | Micro wave | Dimmable High Bay Led | Emergency High Bay
* Watt options: 60w/100w/120w/150w/200w(high bay led lights 30000 lumens)/300w/360w hi bay lighting
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