Led Garden Light

Our Led Garden Light luminary adapts to different environments like parks, gardens, squares, or residential zones. It combines both the energy efficiency of the LED technology and the photometric characteristics of the new concept of lenses. The luminary offers the maximum photometric efficiency with great visual comfort and ambiance appearance. Thanks to the use of high-quality led and optics, it provides photometric configurations based on the chosen lens.

PMMA offers resistance to UV and visible radiations. In comparison with PC lens, PMMA lens can be used outdoor directly to sunshine, and will not turn yellow even after 5 years, while PC lens can only insist 2 years. 

Type V beam angle is 140 degrees wide range. The lens was specially developed to maximize the space lighted but with high homogeneity. The wide range optic is the ideal solution for locations where the distance between two fixtures is far.

10KV Surge protection driver is used for our garden light, for the purpose of protecting against electrical surges and spikes, including those caused by lightning. 

With IK08 protected tempered glass, our garden light has better performance for outdoor usage.