Led Sports Lighting Indoor


Unicornlite indoor Sports Lights are applied in Indoor stadiums, basketball courts, gyms, arenas, swimming pools, badminton courts, handball courts, soccer courts, etc. 


Indoor Sports Lighting Standards


Which type of lighting is suitable for the indoor stadium?

Led sports lighting is widely used in indoor stadiums. 

Indoor stadium lighting has to be high-efficient, long-lasting fittings with no maintenance. Our Mildbeam led high bay light and Led floodlight series could provide uniform and sufficient lighting, no glare so that players could enjoy better.


How many lights and lumens does it take to light a sports stadium? 

Regarding this problem, different sizes and levels of sports stadiums have different light solutions. If you have such a project, please send us the size, height of the stadium, and other requirements. Then Unicornlite will make a Dialux for you to see the lighting effect