Led Tri-proof Light
As a professional led lighting triproof light manufacturer, Unicornlite specialize led tri-proof lighting design, production for more than 10 years.
LED tri-proof lights are heavy-duty, ultra-bright alternatives to traditional tube and strip light fixtures. They are suitable for harsh environments with dust-tight as well as water and impact resistance.
Tri proof led light could be applied in industrial, education, outdoor, shop & retail. The specific applications are showrooms, warehouses, production halls, food industry, parking areas, refrigeration rooms, classrooms, cafeterias, auditorium, sports halls, chemical lab, pools, car parks, airports, train stations, gas stations, bus stations, shopping mall, supermarkets, led factory lights, etc.
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Unicornlite Lock&Lock series tri proof fixture's end-cap is designed specially to help our customers to lower labor costs during installation. With buckles on each end, tri proof light led can be open very easily so that customers can rewire inside the housing. And 3XL, 3x1.5mm2, 3x1.5mm2, 3x2.5mm2, 5x1.5mm2, and 5x2.5mm2 wire through are all for the option to be linkable in series.
Bridgelux led and Osram driver is used for Lock&Lock series tri proof lamp. With a low current circuit design, the temperature will be 5% lower, and efficiency 7% higher. It can get 130lm/w. Lock & Lock ip65 tri proof led light fixture is easy to open & rewire, linkable wire through, power-adjustable, and CCT adjustable.
IK69k led tri proof light is one of our most popular products because of its high quality and superior performance. Not only does it offer an extensive application range from commercial to industrial for any retrofit or new installation, but it is also a genuine champion for being energy-efficient and cost-effective.
The IP69K is fixed to a turntable that must rotate fully 5 times every minute. The LED light fitting is then subjected to a high-pressure jet of water (1160 ~ 1450 Psi) with a minimum temperature of 80C at a flow rate of 14-16 liters per minute. The water jet must be between 100 and 150mm away from the triproof led lights and tested at angles varying from 0, 30, 60, and 90 for 30 seconds each time. Once this test has been completed the triproof led tube light is then inspected for any water ingress. Only if there is no penetration of the water is this deemed to have passed and awarded its certification.
IP69K is the highest level of this protection and is designed for applications where water jets are under high pressure and high temperature are used for specific wash-downs.
Due to the risk of corrosion by contact with the alkaline environments created in the humid atmosphere, PMMA material housing and stainless steel end cap are used to provide better corrosion proof, waterproof, and lifetime.
This will also include special sensitization and chemical cleaning. In some instances, the cleaning process involves very intensive requirements for industries such as food & beverage as well as the vehicle industry.
Corrosion proof light is an important aspect of any animal's environment. Studies have shown an increase in growth and reproductive performance due to light exposure. Modern farm lighting systems should attempt to mimic the sun's spectrum, however many poultry producers still utilize old residential and commercial incandescent lamps in their bans. The problem with this is that incandescent bulbs don't do a good job of replicating sunlight. LEDs are the most efficient and environmentally friendly of the agricultural lighting options, producing a continuous white light spectrum, unlike any other artificial light source by combining a blue LED with red and green phosphors.
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