Solar Street Lights

Unicornlite provides high-quality all-in-one solar street lights for our customers. 


How to tell the quality of the solar-led streetlight. Let's find it out as followings. 


Solar street lights are made of solar panels, controllers, batteries, LEDs, shells, and cables.


Regarding solar panels, Monocrystalline silicon is the most lately matured technology. It's sturdy and durable, and the service life can reach 25 years. Product efficiency for Unicornlite solar-led street lights is generally between 20%-22%. Peak power is about 120-140Wp/m2.


Unicornlite controllers are decided by where you are located. If you are in equatorial countries and quite hot all over the year, the PWM controller is a saving choice, which works well in hot weather as the MPPT controllers. However, if it's very cold in winter, getting an MPPT controller is the better decision. MPPT controllers work far more excellently than PWM in cold weather. 


As for batteries, Unicorn lighting chooses compact lithium-ion batteries.  It has overcharge protection and is much safer than a ternary lithium battery. At the same time, the life ( numbers of DOD) is 6 times of a ternary lithium battery. 


As a professional LED lighting manufacturer, the LED source could be made as per your request. OEM ODM is supported. 


Please contact us for more details and the price list.